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Former Onalaska School Board member interested in running against Jake Speed should a recall election be held

"Deanna Verdon, who was elected to the school board in 2014 but did not run for a second term this year, has expressed interest in running against Speed as a recall candidate. Verdon is a teacher at Holmen’s Viking Elementary School and works with at-risk special education children."


Having a previous board member run would be ideal and advantageous. Deanna has already gone through the onboarding process and orientation (something Jake Speed continues to not do) and is familiar with what is expected of the position and how things operate. Having Deanna on the Board would allow the Board to get back to focusing on what their mission is: ensuring the best educational experience for students! There's a reason so many out of district families open enroll into Onalaska. Let's keep our reputation a positive one!

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